DIY solutions to resolve pretty common pains

While it is certainly tempting to rush off to the doctor or the drugstore in order to get your hands on some pretty potent painkillers when you’re dealing with regular and chronic pain, the truth of the matter is you might be able to quickly resolve some of the pretty common pains people deal with all the time all on your own without having to rely on prescription drugs. Of course, should you need medication you are advised to take something strong and effective to get the job done. CoCodamol is a compound painkiller with two ingredients to fight pain. The first is codeine phosphate. The second is paracetamol. The combination of 30mg of codeine and 500mg of paracetamol has proven to be immensely effective. Usually referred to as CoCodamol 30/500, you can buy it with no prescription in the UK at this pharmacy.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks you’ll want to keep in your back pocket!

Muscle strains and soreness

Over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs are fantastic at helping people get over the hump when they are dealing with significant muscle strain and soreness, but you’ll be able to relax all of your muscles and fight back against potent inflammation by drinking a bit of cherry juice every day.

The anti-inflammatory properties in cherry juice are long-lasting, and regular consumption of cherry juice is going to be a lot safer than choking down a bunch of prescription painkillers all the time!

Minor burns and lacerations

Maybe you stood a little bit too close to the oven, or maybe a glass broke and you scooped all of the shards up with your hands.

Regardless of the issue, and most people are going to come across some pretty minor burns and lacerations from time to time – and that means that you’re going to need to have a DIY solution on hand that can eliminate the pain that these kinds of issues can cause.

For starters, you’re going to want to gently wrap your burn or your laceration in clean cloth and then leave it alone for about 24 hours or so. After that, you’ll want to use a combination of peppermint oil and honey as a problem on the impacted area to both disinfect and kill the pain that you may be dealing with.

If the pain doesn’t go away after a while you might need to seek out medical attention, though 99.99% of the time and this will certainly get the job done.

Sore joints, sprained ankles, and other minor injuries

If it’s your joints, your ankles, or other injuries that aren’t all that serious but are still quite painful that you’re dealing with, the RICE protocol is what you are going to want to take advantage of.

Consisting of:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression and
  • Elevation

… This is a very simple and straightforward methodology and against fantastic results without having to see your doctor.

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