Are We Getting Desensitized?

Are We Getting DesensitizedIt happens to every guy. Those are the words that somehow do not make any guy feel better when he is unable to perform sexually. You aren’t interested in who else can’t get or hold an erection, you’re only worried about one penis and it’s yours!

First you must rule out the reasons behind your problem. Go through this list to see if any of these issues could be hampering your performance:

  • Medications that list any sexual dysfunction as a side effect
  • Any illnesses that could be causing this; check your prostate and urinary tract infections (UTI)
  • Depression – do you have any emotional issues that may prevent you from becoming fully aroused?
  • If you have recently gained quite a bit of weight you may have lost your interest in sex altogether. If you have been overweight and are currently obese you probably don’t have the energy to have sex.
  • Stress is probably one of the biggest culprits when it comes time for a man to focus on his sexual performance. Once the voices in your head start it’s all over.

These are some of the common causes for erectile dysfunction (ED). But there are other issues and one of them could have to do with being desensitized to sexual situations. Many guys feel like there is no such thing as being exposed to too much sex but it is a fact.

It seems the celebrity bandwagon has more and more female stars wearing less and less when it comes to clothing. Rhianna is famous for wearing her underwear out as a regular outfit. She actually went to a fashion convention with a completely sheer dress on with no undergarments of any kind. You were able to see everything you ever wanted to on Rhianna.

The same is true of the Kardashians. You don’t even have to subscribe to online porn to see naked women; Kim tried to break the Internet by posing nude with a champagne bottle perched on her ass. It’s almost as if there is a rush to see who can be the most shocking.

There is always a place for sexual stimulation in order to have a healthy sex life. That is not the issue. It is when these visuals pop up and are available on your computer while you are trying to work at your office after your morning cup of coffee.

If you feel that your sexual performance issues have nothing to do with your health, emotional state, or stressful circumstances, you should consider adding the little blue pill to your regime. Viagra is a proven pharmaceutical that can help you eliminate the stress of this situation and help you to have a healthy and enjoyable sexual lifestyle.

More and more younger men are partaking of Viagra and that trend just seems to keep growing. When there is an answer to a problem there is no reason to not try it to see if it is the answer for you. Just make sure to consider all of the above issues first to make sure nothing more serious is going on.